Artfields Festival and Competition

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Dana Hargrove is participating in ArtFields, a competition and festival celebrating artists of the Southeast taking place April 26 – May 4 in Lake City, South Carolina. Vote for her piece ‘Wall’ on site, with the voter ID 190590.

The competition and exhibition offers more than $140,000 in cash prizes. The winners of two People’s Choice Awards are determined by the votes of people visiting ArtFields; a panel of art professionals selects all the other awards, including the $50,000 Grand Prize and $25,000 Second Place award.

Up to 400 works of art will be on display in locally-owned venues, from renovated 1920s warehouses and professional art spaces

The Wall installation consists of cardboard-cutout drawings made from repurposed consumer packaging. They create an imposing, looming wall of individual tower/totem-like shapes. When first shown in full, Wall physically barricaded the viewer, forcing them to walk around the whole of its 24 feet in order to enter the exhibition. Labels proclaiming ‘Made with American Pride’ and ‘America at Work’ peek through the whitewashed cardboard and cartoon-like black-line drawing, hinting at the satirical, political undertones of the piece. With each new situation, Wall is re-contextualized, suggesting a shifting border that runs a discourse between consumer-led globalization and our widespread experiences of displacement felt by many during these troubled times of exile, migration, immigration reform, and border control.

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