By Hansen Mulford, Orlando Museum of Art

Florida Prize Catalog Extract

Florida Prize in Contemporary Art – Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, Dana Hargrove graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art at Dundee University, with a BFA with Honors in Painting. She continued her education in the United States at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, where she received an MFA. Today, Hargrove is a Full Professor of …

By Professor Dawn Roe

Window Essay Extract

a thing re | sembling a win • dow Encountering Dana Hargrove’s cardboard multiples scattered throughout the gallery serve to orient the viewer to the space through conventions of landscape and horizon with their bases situated at floor level. Yet just as immediately this perception is destabilized as the miniature nature of each cropping is …

By Jonathan Frederick Walz, Ph.D.

Aspect Forming Essay

GATHERING / MOMENTUM: recent work by Dana Hargrove In addition to her independent practice, artist Dana Hargrove teaches painting and drawing courses at a small private Southern liberal arts college, whose mission is to educate students for global citizenship. Indeed, the artist herself can boast of familial ties to Zimbabwe and South Africa, roots in …

By Matthew McLendon, Ph.D.

Inhabit Essay

The French philosopher Guy Debord, in his ominous The Society of the Spectacle, observed, “Human circulation considered as something to be consumed…is a by-product of the circulation of commodities […] The economic management of travel to different places suffices in itself to ensure those places’ interchangability.” The speeding up of the post-War world, the shrinking …

By Anna Brzyski, Ph.D.

Divide and Consider Essay

Divide and Consider In 1908 Viennese architect Adolf Loose declared ornament to be dead. From his modernist perspective cultural development proceeded through gradual shedding of what he considered to be unnecessary and distracting decorative elements. The stripping down of form to its essential components was synonymous with progress. It signaled the emergence of the superior …

By Professor Dana Hargrove

The Fashioning of the Land

Abstract: The apparently innocent space that is in fact strategically systemized within our land-based existence is an interesting paradox that I enjoy exploring. This paper reviews a recent body of work that investigates mapping, gaming, and the military and how each of these abstract to control our experience of the land. Three artworks are discussed …

Transcapes, 2006, Bridgette Mayer Gallery
By Kelly Wacker, Ph.D.

Inhabit Essay

As a native of Scotland, Dana Hargrove was reared in a culture that places great significance in its landscape. As such, it is not surprising that she pays keen attention to the landscapes she occupies and passes through, as well as to the ways in which society conceptualizes them. Transcapes aptly describes the work in …