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An article written by Esteban Meneses features in the August 26th edition of the Orlando Weekly. Get it in print form around Orlando, or read it here at


“Imagine a stately wall mounted inside the Orlando Museum of Art. As you approach what seems like a deliberate barrier to the 2017 Florida Prize in Contemporary Art exhibit, constructed from boxes stacked on top of one another, you look closer and notice the patterns that mark the contours of the boxes. Along the wall – a 10-by-24-foot bulwark – the boxes appear to bulge forward and sideways in an asymmetric Tetris-like arrangement.”

Also some recent blogosphere press:

Here at   

“Hargrove urges a connection of mindfulness between a person’s surroundings and the effect on not only the individual but also society.”

And at

“Dana Hargrove’s pieces are acrylic paint on wood, but you might think some of them are stacks of colorful blocks…”




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