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‘Plop Props’ takes the form of cardboard cutouts made from reclaimed consumer packaging, creating facades of small mound-like memorials. Propped in unsavory nooks and crannies of downtown Orlando, they suggest family units within a larger community, and re-imagine our widespread experiences of displacement and economic struggle. ‘Plop Props’ also runs a discourse between the gentrification and homogenization of our spaces, and the often-ignored homeless population living in downtown areas.

Art in Odd Places 2016/PLAY Orlando

Update: On the final day of the festival, I placed the Plop Props in groups of two or three. Through this slight modification of the installation, I pointed to the building of a community that I experienced throughout the duration of the AIOP Orlando festival. My decision to focus the project more on community rather than individualism stemmed from the positive atmosphere and strong sense of unity that I witnessed at The Veterans’ Day and Come Out With Pride Parades that took place at the same time and location as Art in Odd Places. Orlando United!

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