Iceland Series- For a month I walked the terrain of a small, remote fjord in Northern Iceland. Underfoot, the track changed swiftly from tarmac to gravel, mossy grass to mud, over sharp rocks up to delicate mountain flowers and cushioning heather. Beyond, the icy skyline constantly shifted through a variety of clean blues; horizontal banding etched across the heights of the surrounding mountains. Below, road, fence and path echoed these natural contours.

Work in the studio became infused with this topography. My beating of the tracks, with their constant changes in texture, worked its way into the explorative, layered process of my mixed-media drawings. The outside expanse, often fettered by man’s imprint, instilled a rhythm of mark-making on the paper that, despite the freedom of approach, is mindful of the framing principle of order that reverberates through a journey, no matter how far we travel from civilization.