Artist Residency and Exhibition in Iceland

The month of May 2017 found me in North Iceland, in the wonderfully remote village of Ólafsfjördur, a small town of 800 inhabitants located at the head of a small fjord. I was one of the five resident artists at Listhus International Artist Residency.

During this month in Iceland, I organized ‘Precipice’, a group exhibition curated for the Deiglan Gallery in Akureyri, Iceland’s second largest city. ‘Precipice’ presented the work of four Rollins professors: artists Dawn Roe, Rachel Simmons, and myself, and geographer Lee Lines. Each artist had previously made work prompted by their own separate visits to Iceland. The works, of varying mediums and theoretical approach, crossed paths in areas concerning memory, perception, representation, and climate change. It was an important venture that connected our work with the local artist community and to the landscape of Iceland itself.