Constructed Abstractions Review

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Constructed Abstractions Review

Review about ‘Constructed Abstractions’ at Snap! Orlando:

“Dana Hargrove’s acrylic-on-board constructions cut deeper than their candy colors; the Rollins art professor relocates or dislocates familiar spaces by remixing them almost unto unrecognizability.”


Women and Abstraction Review

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Review about Women and Abstraction at the Cornell Fine Arts Museum:

“One of the many highlights in this collection is a piece by Dana Hargrove titled The MultisThe Multis is made of ink and gesso on cardboard and was born from the thoughts and feelings surrounding the displacement of people. There is much conversation to be had over this large piece.”

Women and Abstraction – article

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An interesting article about Women and Abstraction, curated by Amy Galpin-

Women make up more than 50 percent of the community of working artists; will women studying art right now see parity in their lifetimes? Eventually, says Galpin, “I hope that this concept for a show becomes unnecessary.”

Aspect Forming Review

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Aspect Forming Review Scottish artist Dana Hargrove newest body of work at the Bridgette Mayer Gallery creates a fun, technicolor wonderland. Most of the show consists of towering geometric structures resembling a three-dimensional game of Tetris. In addition to these are some small works on paper and illustration board. Most striking upon entering the exhibit is how […]

‘an’ magazine article

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Dana Hargrove was invited to write an article about her work for the leading UK artist magazine, AN.